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If you are interested in the plays of William Shakespeare, formatted for the Sony PRS-500, you have come to the right place. Python software to create your own eBooks is also here.

eBooks for the PRS-500

The Plays of Shakespeare

Originally, these three eBooks were combined into a single LRF file. Alas, the heavy formatting combined with the 5+ Megabytes of text was too much for the poor little reader. So, the plays have been broken into the conventional categories.

The Comedies of William Shakespeare

The Tragedies of William Shakespeare

The Histories of William Shakespeare

Python Software

LRS and LRF File Creation

This package enables Python programs to create eBooks for the PRS-500 (lrf files.) See the examples directory the distribution for details. Some knowledge of the LRS format is required, but you can go a long way just be using one of the programs in the examples directory as a start.


XML Source Text for Shakespeare's Plays

The original XML source of Shakespearethat was used to create the eBooks available here is available at: http://www.oasis-open.org/cover/bosakShakespeare200.html.